Friday 29 January 2010

Wembury Point Holiday Camp, 1930s

Many people who go for a walk at Wembury Point will know that the area once incorporated HMS Cambridge but perhaps they won't know what the area was used for in the 1930s. There are clues to be found on the foreshore including the remains of an old swimming pool.
Before the Second World War, the area was the location of a busy and very popular holiday camp. The Southern Railway Handbook of 1936 carried an advert for the camp at

Wembury Point. It was described as, 'a smaller type camp with that family holiday atmosphere.' The camp boasted that it featured a licensed club, excellent food and cooking and comfortable bedrooms. Pastimes included cricket, tennis, dancing and table tennis. The advert also stated that the camp was, 'on 100 acres by the sea with its own riding stables, safe bathing and good fishing.' There was accommodation for 150 and the cost to stay started at 35 shillings a week.
It all seemed to come to an end at the beginning of the war. In 1940, a Gunnery Range was established at Wembury and the whole area was later acquired by the Navy in 1950. The holiday camp and all the fun that was once had there, seems to be

long forgotten but here are a few rare photos that show what the area was once like. These are the only pictures that I've ever seen of the camp in use although I'm sure there must be many more tucked away somewhere. Older residents of Plymouth may remember visiting the camp when they were small or will have photos of their parents having fun there.
The photos featured here show an advert for the camp, people roller skating on the roof of the main building, a group photo taken in 1938, exercising on the grass and the bar which doubled as a games room complete with table tennis tables. How times change!

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